Vegetarian Meal Plan FAQs

Why should I eat a vegetarian diet?

It’s the perfect diet for people looking to eat more plant-based foods for a healthier lifestyle. Benefits include:
Improved Overall Health: A diet high in antioxidant-rich produce, low in saturated fat, and low in sodium can help fight a wide variety of diseases including cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
Have More Energy: A balanced vegetarian diet filled with complex carbohydrates like whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables provides the body with ample fuel for long-lasting energy.

How does a vegetarian diet differ from a vegan lifestyle?

A vegetarian diet doesn’t include meat, poultry and seafood but may include some animal products such as eggs and dairy. Those who lead a vegan lifestyle do not eat any animal products or foods produced by animals and avoid using household products, clothing and other items made from animal or tested on animals.

Do vegetarians get enough protein, calcium, and other nutrients?

When following a vegetarian diet, getting enough vital nutrients is much less challenging than for those who follow a vegan diet. Because many plant-based foods such as beans, peas, nuts, seeds, some grains and tofu are excellent sources of protein, it’s pretty easy for both vegetarians and vegans to consume adequate protein. Getting enough calcium and other nutrients like B12, can be a real challenge for vegans, though. While foods like beans and green leafy vegetables are naturally a good sources of calcium, vegans need to rely on products like calcium-set tofu, fortified orange juice, fortified soy milk and even a supplement to meet their calcium needs. B12, however, is only found in animal products so vegans will need to take a B12 supplement and consume fortified cereals for adequate intake.

Can I raise a child/baby vegetarian?

Yes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to raise a baby or child on a vegetarian diet. Cultivating their taste at an early age for whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables establishes good life-long eating habits and provides them with excellent nutrition. However, be sure to incorporate a variety of foods into their diet and include calcium and B12 fortified foods or supplements to ensure they receive adequate intake

Will being vegetarian help me lose weight?

Eating vegetarian diet can help you lose weight but only if you follow the diet correctly. As with any weight loss plan, you’ll want to watch your portions, track what you eat, avoid junk food and exercise to find success


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